About Labsiad

 Dear Members, Future Members and Valued Partners,

A model that will create strength from unity…

A structure that will track, contribute to and sustain trends in Innovation…

A system that will provide support and solutions to new projects by factoring in reflections of Global Dynamics onto local Socio-Economical framework.

The first Turkish Laboratory Equipment Manufacturers' and Businessmen's Association, LABSIAD.

Our Association was established on a voluntary basis, in order to help manufacturers, sellers, publishers, R&D and calibration companies who are working in laboratory products, devices and equipments sector, by providing legal, economic and social support to everyday and systemic problems we face when dealing with our client base; whether it is public or private. 

The dynamics of our day have entwined Innovation, Advanced Technology and Sustainability as three indispensable sisters for those companies who want to achieve success in their operations and carry their success into the future. It is inevitable that we all need to operate under the guidance of these key principles in order to create a difference in what we do as a sector.

In today’s world, where technology is integrated into every aspect and moment of our lives, and dominates the way we conduct our business, our needs to adopt have changed dramatically. We are all aiming to progress in a way that will allow us to reach and keep up with the speed of progress, evolving expectations and requirements. It is inevitable for each and every one of us to take the necessary precautions, in order to determine requirements effectively, develop value added ideas and products, transform ideas and solutions into actions, all the while taking into consideration short term issues as well as long term socio-economic projection.  

We have joined hands to walk together towards our goals, and we will continue to progress in line with our vision. 

Turkish Laboratory Equipment Manufacturers' and Businessmen's Association has been established on a voluntary basis, but through the hard work and with devoted sacrifice of our members has established itself amongst the most prominent Industrialist Associations. In this new era, where long term investments are rising in the industry, it will be our primary aim to develop our Association as a forerunner non-Profit Organization encompassing Science, R&D, Industrial Production, and all associated Quality Control processes in order to support its membership in reaching the required level of technology in order to compete globally. 


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